My lack of blogging recently.

So for the past couple of months, I have been lacking on my blogging, which I sincerely apologize for. So now, it’s my duty to remember much of what I have encountered in my life thus far. *Takes deep breaths* Here goes nothing!

In mid-January I packed my bags and embarked in one of the biggest trips of my life: Spain. Knowing that I would be here for the next 4 months and a half, I made a list of things I wanted to do and not to do. After a couple of weeks, and the excitement of meeting new people from across the globe, I made some pretty dumb decisions. I started to see myself as someone who I used to be that I hated. In that case, I turned to the person who knew me more than I knew myself; that one person I kept denying my love for, but eventually I knew there was no one else like him in the world and I needed him more than ever. Ever since, my love keeps growing and growing. Something that’s indescribable. But incredibly blessed to have him and many others in my life that do just the same as he would. <3

Since then, I had traveled to Toledo, Spain, which was absolutely beautiful and breath-taking, and finally to the one place I wanted to go for years: Portugal. Yes, I have been to Portugal, but only to the Azores where both my parents were born and where my grandparents currently are living. Nevertheless, when I stepped foot into the land of great food and port wine, I embraced my godmother so tightly with a sigh of relief that I am away from Spain for a little while. 

Coming to Portugal was the best decision and idea I made for myself. Not only spending time with family was amazing, but the fact that I got to see such great history, architecture and beauty in such a short amount of time that made the trip worthwhile. I obviously took about 1,000 pictures, which are currently on Face book, but as I look through them I wish I could go back in time and do it all over again. Portugal was by far one of the best trips I took, by myself, and I will be there again. Thereafter, I arrived to Madrid, unhappy of course, but with a bundle on my shoulders, stressing all over again.

Lucky for me I have an amazing support system back at home that keeps checking on me daily. However, I cannot forget a dear friend of mine that I have made here in Madrid. Meeting her through a close friend of mine, she has not only become a great friend, but almost like family to me. She has improved my Spanish and is no joke the ONLY person I trust here in Madrid. So Thank you Pat Kelley, but more so, thank you Marta for everything you have done and will do for me from now on.

In a nutshell, my chronicles throughout Europe has been amazing, minus my minor slip in the beginning of the trip, however, still amazing. I’m blessed to have this experience in my hands, though I sincerely miss home, I do love Madrid and I give much praise the opportunities it has given me and that it will give me. I also am blessed by the people I have met and that I will never forget. 

My next expedition will lead me to Prague, Czech Republic in just a few weeks. Am I excited? MORE THAN ANYTHING. I get to visit a very close and dear friend of mine, best friends since 10th grade, Jason Nam. We claims that as soon as I get off the plane, I will “start partying like no tomorrow,” but because I know this kid sleeps until 3 o’clock in the afternoon, not sure how partying will end up being. Haha. But I’m sure I will absolutely love it! Can’t wait!

In all honesty, that’s all I have for now. Until next time: Adiós :)

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